Supported Orientation Formats

The orientation data represents the interior and exterior orientation parameters of the camera stations. It can also state information about the camera's lens distortion.

The following orientation formats are supported by SURE:

VisualSFM, Bundler, Inpho and Pix4D files can be opened directly with SURE.exe:

  1. Use right-click on the file and “Open with…” or simply double click if no default program was assigned yet.
    1. Choose the second option “Program from a list of installed programs”.
    2. Use the lower right button “Browse” to assign the “SURE.exe” in your installation folder.
  2. Double click the .nvm file to run SURE.
  3. Hit Enter in the upcoming dialog to continue.

Furthermore, you can run these files directly in the command line:

  • Without other parameters:

    sure.exe myVisualSfmFile.nvm

  • With other parameters:

    sure.exe myVisualSfmFile.nvm -pyr 2

When running a project using the CLI, you can call the orientation files using the following flags:

  • -ori <path to file/folder> : for SURE .ori files or to automatically detect the type of orientation;
  • -ori <path to file/folder>: for Projection Matrices
  • -nvm <path to file/folder>: for VisualSFM orientation files;
  • -inphoprj <path to file/folder>: for Inpho Match-AT orientation files;
  • -bundleout <path to file/folder>: for Bundler orientation files;
  • -pix4d <path to file/folder>: for Pix4D orientation files;

The alignment between image name and orientation ID is matched and verified automatically.