3D Mesh

The 3D Mesh module turns the point clouds produced by the Cloud Filter and the LiDAR point clouds into triangle meshes. The module uses meta-information extracted from the project's imagery in order to remove outliers and resolve as much geometric detail as possible.

An important feature of this module is its capacity to handle both close-range and aerial imagery. 


This module is suitable for processing Aerial Nadir/Oblique and Close-range imagery.

Input and Output
Input dataDescription
control3DMesh.txtModule settings
cloudlist_filtered.txtFiltered cloud list
cloudlist_filtered_meta.txtSURE Metadata files list
orilist.txtOrientations list
lidar_cloudlist.txtLiDAR cloud list

The behavior of the module can be controlled using the parameters in the  file. The module uses the filtered clouds listed in cloudlist_filtered.txt together with their corresponding meta-information listed in cloudlist_filtered_meta.txt.  

Output dataDescription
meshlist.txtFull resolution meshes list
.osgb files Mesh/MeshLODLOD tree

The .osgb files can be visualized using the Mesh Viewer in SURE or the standalone SURE Viewer. For additional output formats, please refer to this page.


The 3D Mesh will be executed by default when you run the 3D workflow in SURE using the GUI or the CLI.

  • SURE GUI: The 3D Mesh can be activated/deactivated in the processing steps panel.

    SURE.exe [...] -mesh # 3D Mesh activated
    SURE.exe [...] -no_mesh # 3D Mesh deactivated
  • Standalone module:

    Module3DMesh.exe --cloud [...] –-ori [...] –-cam [...] --controlfile [...] --output [...] --lidar [...]
    Command Line Parameters:
      -h [ --help ]                          	Print help screen
      --log arg (=log.txt)                  	Path to logfile.
      --output arg (=.)                      	Path to output folder.
      --controlfile arg (=control3DMesh.txt) 	Path to control3DMesh.txt control file.
      --area arg (=controlArea.txt)         	Path to controlArea.txt control file.
      --cloud arg (=cloudlist_filtered.txt) 	Path to (filtered)  3D Points list, file or folder.
      --lidar arg                           	Path to LiDAR points (.las/.laz) list,file or folder.
      --no_lidar                            	Disable usage of LiDAR data (modifies control3DMesh.txt)
      --ori arg (=orilist.txt)              	Path to .ori list, file or folder.
      --cam arg (=cloudlist_filtered_meta.txt)  Path to (filtered) 3D Points metainformation lists.