Cloud Filter

The Cloud Filter module is used for decreasing the amount of noise generated by the Dense Cloud module. It removes redundant information while preserving geometric detail. It is also responsible for generating metadata required by the subsequent processing stages of the 3D workflow, especially the 3D Mesh. The filtered clouds contain a substantially lower amount of points, often times less than 20% of the original dense clouds while still representing the captured object with high detail and sharp edges. The reduced number of points also leads to much smaller and more manageable file sizes.


The use of this module is compulsory for the 3D workflow.

Input and Output
Input dataDescription
controlFusion.txtModule settings
cloudlist.txtDense clouds list
orilist.txtOrientations list
Output dataDescription
.las/.laz files in Cloud_FilteredFiltered clouds
cloudlist_filtered.txtFiltered clouds list
.srme files in Cloud_FilteredSURE Metada files
cloudlist_filtered_meta.txtSURE Metadata files list

The Cloud Filter will be executed by default when you run the 3D workflow in SURE using the GUI or the CLI.

  • SURE GUI: The Cloud Filter can be activated/deactivated in the processing steps panel.

    SURE.exe [...] -filter # Cloud Filter activated
    SURE.exe [...] -no_filter # Cloud Filter deactivated
  • Standalone module:

    ModuleCloudFilter.exe --cloud [...] –-ori [...] --controlfile [...] --output [...]