DSM Mesh

The DSM Mesh module converts DSM data to a triangle mesh. Thereby the triangle density is locally adapted to the geometry, meaning areas of increased undulation are represented by smaller triangles whereas flat areas are represented by larger triangles. Tiles are meshed separately, however the resulting meshes match at borders allowing for large scale reconstructions. After this step the resulting meshes can be textured from the available imagery using Mesh Texturing.

  • Processing of aerial imagery – in particular large frame nadir imagery, but also oblique and UAV
  • The resulting meshes can be used for visualization purposes, QA or presenting your DSM data to customers in a nice way
Input and Output

Input dataDescription
DSM_ExtendedExtended DSMs created during DSM step
Output dataDescription

Triangle meshes

The output format is always osgb.


DSM Mesh can be actiavted in SURE using the GUI or the CLI.

  • SURE GUI: DSM Mesh can be activated in the processing steps panel.

    SURE.exe [...] -dsmmesh # DSM Mesh activated
    SURE.exe [...] -no_dsmmesh # DSM Mesh deactivated
  • Standalone module:

    ModuleDsmMesh.exe --dsm [dsmextendedlist.txt] --controlfile [controlDsmMesh.tx] --output [...] --area [controlArea.txt]