The DSM module rasterizes and filters 3D point clouds into 2.5D grids. It uses interpolation across tiles with a certain overlap to achieve inter-tile consistency. DSM's are an efficient way of data processing and storage, in particular for all applications where cameras are in the same distance with the same viewing direction to a rather planar surface. The module uses the options defined in the controlDSM.txt file and the source point clouds defined in the cloudlist.txt file.

  • Processing of aerial imagery – in particular large frame nadir imagery, but also oblique and UAV
  • True Orthophoto projects, since particular this geometry is required
  • DSM projects with further workflows in GIS environments
Input and Output
Input dataDescription

Dense cloud as .las or .laz files
DSM mesh as .osgb file

The DSM module can also use DSM meshes as input that were manually edited using the SURE Editor. The results can then be passed to the True Ortho module.

Output dataDescription
CloudRasterized 2.5D point cloud retrieved from raw 3D_Points
Cloud_InterpolatedInterpolated 2.5D point cloud
DSMRasterized 2.5D height image retrieved from raw 3D_Points
DSM_Extended2.5D height image with extension from neighbor tiles (results in larger tiles)


Interpolated result retrieved from DSM_Extended and cropped


Rasterized 2.5D height image (DSM) with color visualization:

Hue: repetitive height, Saturation: fine height, Intensity: Ortho

OrthoOrthophoto from DSM rasterization retrieved from 3D_Points color


Interpolated Ortho

Output height images are saved as georeferenced 32 bit floating point TIFs.


DSM will be executed by default when you run the 2.5D workflow in SURE using the GUI or the CLI.

  • SURE GUI: DSM can be deactivated in the processing steps panel.

    SURE.exe [...] -dsm # DSM activated
    SURE.exe [...] -no_dsm # DSM deactivated
  • Standalone module:

    ModuleDsm.exe --cloud [...] --controlfile [...] --output [...]

    The cloud parameter either accepts a list of dense clouds (e.g. cloudlist.txt) or a list of tiles of a DSM mesh (e.g. dsmmeshlist.txt).

    It is currently not possible to pass the main.osgb file. A list of tile mains has to be passed instead.