Mesh Texturing

The Mesh Texturing Module adds texture to already existing 3D or DSM Meshes.



This module is suitable for processing aerial Nadir/Oblique and Close-range imagery.

Input and Output

Input dataDescription



Input OSGB files
OrientationsInput camera orientations
ImagesInput images
ColorAdjustmentFileInput file needed in case the user would like to have a color adjusted textured Mesh
Output dataDescription

Mesh & DSM_Mesh

Triangle meshes 

Possible output formats are osgb, ive, obj, cesium, lod_dae, lod_obj, slpk ( Output formats )


Mesh Texturing will be executed by default when you run the 3D workflow in SURE using the GUI or the CLI. The user has to decide only if he would like to use either color adjustment parameters applied on the mesh texturing or the original input imagery.

    • DSM Mesh Texturing can be activated in the processing steps panel below 2.5D Workflow.
    • Mesh Texturing can be deactivated in the processing steps panel below 3D Workflow.
    • The color adjustment calculation and application can be also activated in the General parameters steps panel of the defined project. Thus the generated mesh will be textured based on the ColorAdjustmentFile

      SURE.exe [...] -dsmmeshtexturing # DSM Mesh Texturing activated
      SURE.exe [...] -no_dsmmeshtexturing # DSM Mesh Texturing deactivated
      SURE.exe [...] -meshtexturing # 3D Mesh Texturing activated
      SURE.exe [...] -no_meshtexturing # 3D Mesh Texturing deactivated
      SURE.exe [...] -color_adjustment # Calculation of the ColorAdjustmentFile activated, needed for texturing
  • Standalone module:

    CLI Mesh texturing based on the color adjustment file
    ModuleMeshTexturing.exe --mesh meshlist.txt --area [...] --mesh_type 3DMesh --ori [...] --img [...] --controlfile [...] --output [...] --color_adjustment [...] 
    ModuleMeshTexturing.exe --mesh dsmmeshlist.txt --area [...] --mesh_type DSM_Mesh --ori [...] --img [...] --controlfile [...] --output [...] --color_adjustment [...]

    Disable the usage of color adjustment on the Mesh Texturing

    If the user does not want to perform a texturing of the mesh based on the ColorAdjustmentFile, then the following flag of --no_color_adjustment has to be provided:

    ModuleMeshTexturing.exe [...] [...] [...]  --no_color_adjustment

Coordinate system parameter

Deprecated parameter

--coordinate_system <path>

Since SURE version 2.3 the coordinate system parameter of the Module's command line interface has moved to the "controlArea.txt" and is no longer available directly using the command line interface.