Nodes are not connecting

There are some requirements that the processing machines need to meet for a successful DP session. First ensure that all nodes are part of the same network and that your network is stable. Also make sure Antivirus software is not blocking any SURE executables. If neither antivirus software nor the network connection seem to be the issue, follow the troubleshooting instructions below.

Allow Distributed Processing SURE .exe files through Firewall

In order to use SURE in DP mode, the firewall of each computer must allow the following three executable files (.exe) to pass through:

  • SURE\SURE-Node.exe

  • SURE\SRDP\SRDP-Master.exe

  • SURE\SRDP\SRDP-Node.exe

A pop-up should appear the first time a node is started asking to ‘Allow Access' to SURE-Node.exe. If this doesn’t occur, your firewall notifications might be turned off. Navigate to

Control Panel → System and Security → Windows Defender Firewall → Change notification settings

Check the 'Notify me when Windows Defender Firewall blocks an app.' box and reopen SURE-Node.exe

Alternatively, you can manually allow the executable files by performing the following steps:

  1. In the windows search bar type: “allow app” and click on “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”

  2. Click on ‘Change Settings' icon then click on 'Allow another app…’

  3. In the pop-up menu click on 'Browse…' and navigate to one of the three executable files. Click ‘Open’, then ‘Add’, then ‘Ok’

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each of the executable files listed above

Check Master and Processing node can ping each other

If you made sure that the SURE Master and Nodes .exe files are allowed through the firewall, it is still possible that the nodes do not connect to the master because the machines cannot ping each other. This can be tested using the ping command on the command line. Another way is to inspect the "Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security" (if this system is used) and look out for the ICMPv4-In and ICMPv4-Out rules in both "Inbound Rules" and "Outbound Rules" (see screenshot below)

Check IP Address is correct

If a machine has multiple network interfaces it is possible that the processing node is using the wrong IP address.

  1. Look for the IP address the node is using in the node’s terminal window:

  1. Open a new terminal window and type

ipconfig . Look for the line showing the IPv4 Address:

  1. If these two addresses don’t match, restart the node using the flag

--ip-addr followed by the IPv4 ip address: