Image formats


  • the supported image formats are tif, png and jpg
  • we recommend using tiled tif for fast image access and processing speed up
  • tif images can be used 8 or 16 Bit and up to 4 channels
    • compression LZW, Deflate, JPG are supported - lossless recommended
  • for optimal results, images with good texture should be used
    • not underexposed or overexposed
    • texture should be available in all image parts - also shadows
    • local texture should be preserved when using 8 Bit imagery
    • images for matching and texturing can also be passed separately

Image types

Image SourceImage expected propertiesInput image type recommended in SURE Output - TrueOrtho

Images from Large format frame aerial cameras

  • tif / .png. / jpg 

    8 or 16bit integer Multi-band tiled TIFF

  • 16bit tiled TIFF RGB/ (RGBI), no or lossless compression (LZW, Deflate, JPG supported)
  • with applied color adjustments such as Gamma correction

SURE pyramids

SURE will process separate overview levels with specific methods for internal use.

SURE supported compression types

Image compression types supported by SURE: jpg, lzw, deflate. It is recommended to use the input imagery with no compression or lossless / almost lossless compression

  • Exceptional: 16bit Panchromatic (Monochromatic) separately for matchingtexture images (8 or 16 Bit)
  • 16bit Panchromatic TIFF - for Dense Matching only - see also
    'Use separate matching images (optional)' please see Project Setup
  • 8bit or 16 Bit RGB / RGBI TIFF - will be used for texturing/color information

Images from UAV/Drone cameras

.jpg /. tif / .png

8 or 16bit integer Multi-band tiled TIFF

  •  16bit tiled TIFF RGB
  • 16bit tiled TIFF RGB /RGBI with internal image pyramids, and GeoTiff Tags
  • or 8bit tiled TIFF RGB/RGBI with internal image pyramids 

Images from Terrestrial photogrammetric cameras  

.jpg /. tif / .png

8 or 16bit integer Multi-band tiled TIFF

  • 16bit tiled TIFF RGB

SURE imagery

SURE supports all sorts of frame images using the pinhole camera model (+ optional distortions). Other camera models (like Fish eye or Line imagery) are currently not supported.