Agisoft Photoscan

When using Agisoft Photoscan, the Inpho prj file format is used as interface. 

Please note, that the distortion model of Inpho and Agisoft are not fully compatible, so it is necessary to undistort the images in Agisoft. SURE will automatically withdraw the distortion values from the exported file coming from Photoscan.

Step by step guidelines

Exporting to SURE compatible formats

In order to obtain the orientation files compatible with SURE, you can follow these steps:

A) Export of the Inpho .prj (recommended as input in SURE)

  • Open the oriented project in Agisoft;
  • Navigate to Tools → Export → Export Cameras;
  • You will be able to select the path, name and type .prj 


The orientation parameters stored in the Inpho .prj exported from Agisoft, preserves the required information. This format together with the undistorted imagery it is used as input in SURE. SURE is not compatible with the distortion model mentioned by Photoscan, thus the distortion parameters given in the exported .prj files are ignored . This being the reason why the user has to use the undistorted images as input in SURE.


Definition of distortion parameters not compatible with Inpho definition

Photoscan also writes distortion parameters into the Inpho project file. However, the definition of the parameters is not compatible with the Inpho definition. Thus when creating a Project in SURE (see Project Setup) SURE will give an warning when importing the .prj , that a .prj file from Agisoft is automatically detected. Thus the user has to use as input images the undistorted images when creating a project in SURE.

With the undistorted images:

  • Run SURE using the .PRJ either using the command line, or by opening the .PRJ with sure.exe directly.
  • As input folder the undistorted images must be specified using “-img”, (e.g.: -img myundistortedimages/). Choose “no” if asked, whether to apply additional undistortion parameters or type 'n' in the CLI.

B) Undistort the images:

During this step, the images will be undistorted without the re-centering of the principal point

  • Go to Tools → Export → Undistort Photos
  • A new panel will pop up:
    • Make sure that the Center principal point checkbox is not selected
    • Make sure that Square pixels checkbox is selected
    • File names must be writen as follows: {filename}.{fileext} (this should be writen by default)
    • Press OK. You will now have the undistorted photos in a separate folder.

It is also possible to automate your tasks by scripting or batching by using the available command line interface.

To acquire a any of these orientation formats for your dataset, follow the following tutorial on How to export .prj files from Agisoft Photoscan.