These two files are produced by Pix4D and can be used as orientation files to run SURE's workflow.


  • After processing your Bundle Adjustment / Aero Triangulation using Pix4D, you can export the given results. The given results usually are stored inside the folder "params" inside your Pix4D project.
  • The exported results compatible with SURE can have are either:
    • Orientation files with  *_geocal.txt naming convention for older versions of Pix4D;
    • Orientation files with *_calibrated_camera_parameters.txt for newer versions of Pix4D.
  • It is possible to have one file containing the orientation parameters for all your imagery, or you can have separated orientation files for each image.

Structure of a _geocal.txt / _.calibrated_camera_parameters.txt file:

  • The file is composed by a header and sections
  • The header states how each section is structured and which information is present
  • Each picture will have a section, containing the information stated in the header

An example of a _geocal.txt / _.calibrated_camera_parameters.txt file

fileName imageWidth imageHeight
camera matrix K [3x3]
radial distortion [3x1]
tangential distortion [2x1]
camera position t [3x1]
camera rotation R [3x3]
camera model m = K [R|-Rt] X

DSC00002.JPG 6000 4000
5246.67817210519115178613 0 3014.21699955007488824776
0 5246.67817210519115178613 2056.96346303672453359468
0 0 1
-0.15994587090269449248 0.13993097057610345835 0.00932908149389201011
0.00077353649206159862 -0.00081332657209028754
-892.50251487949105921871 11.21358547207746880758 -4.01732550695115442352
-0.99840813078053458618 -0.01161539151567758145 -0.05519317957190545548
-0.00681563617726710196 0.99623997911544937001 -0.08636811399786505083
0.05598885152258621656 -0.08585445062421988294 -0.99473326164012199069
DSC00003.JPG 6000 4000
5246.67817210519115178613 0 3014.21699955007488824776
0 5246.67817210519115178613 2056.96346303672453359468

The files are stored in the folder “params” within the project processing directory of Pix4D.

Please pass an image folder with the original imagery.

Note: since the “calibrated_camera_parameters” file does not contain the translation vector in the global coordinate system for large values (e.g. UTM), the file “calibrated_external_camera_parameters”

is taken into account as well automatically.

Within a typical Pix4D project processing directory you can find the folder “params”:

There you can either find a file ending with “_geocal.txt” (older versions) or a file with the ending “calibrated_camera_parameters.txt” containing the orientation information:

Older versions of Pix4D UAV                                                                  Newer versions of Pix4D UAV

Just drag and drop this file on sure.exe, or run it by using the command line.