Shape Files

General Specification

Shape Files that are passed to SURE must follow a certain specification that will be defined here:

  • Only Polygon Shape Files are supported.
  • All polygons must be contained in exactly one layer.
  • Shape Files may not contain curved geometries.
  • The Polygon(s) should not contain self-intersections or duplicated vertices.
  • Shape Files must be in the same coordinate system as the SURE project - if one or both of the coordinate systems is local, SURE will print a warning

Additionally SURE may have to do certain modifications before being able to work with a provided Shape File:

  • If the Shape File contains non-closed geometries, SURE will connect the last point with the first one - if this leads to an invalid polygon SURE will issue an error
  • If the Shape File contains geometries that are tagged as curved geometries but only contain linear geometries and can thus be losslessly converted to linear geometries, SURE will do so

Area Shape Files

In order for SURE to work with Area Shape Files it may have to do additional modifications to the ones listed above: 

  • If the Area Shape File contains 3D geometries SURE will convert them to 2D geometries by ignoring the Z-component
  • If the Area Shape File contains geometries that touch or overlap, SURE will create the union of those geometries

Water Body Shape Files

Water Body Shape Files are expected to follow this set of rules: 

  • Water Body Shape Files can be a 3D Shape Files or 2D Shapefile - the Z-component is used exclusively for the interpolation during the creation of new points within the polygon