Statistical Information

SURE generates statistical information for the derived point clouds. Within the folder 3D_Points you’ll find .txt files providing a summary of the statistics:

This text file contains information about the point cloud of each image:

Log file
Number of models: 5 
All checked pixels: 3053056 ( 100% ) 
At least one connection: 2.4592e+006 ( 80.5488% ) 
Passed minimal manifold constraint: 1.64447e+006 ( 53.8632% ) 
Passed consistency check: 1.53165e+006 ( 50.1678% ) 
Passed coordinate check is not available 
Passed depth accuracy check is not available 
Average used models: 2.75906 
Mean depth error: 0.103328  

Beside the number of stereo models, several filtering statistics can be found. The average used models count indicates the mean of the number of stereo models used for each point. The mean depth error is the average of all depth precisions determined for each point as uncertainty of triangulation. Please note, that these precision values are only available for the Professional and the Aerial license.