3D Workflow Parameters

Export untextured mesh

Export untextured mesh (excluding LOD tree, one mesh per tile).

Default value: disabled

The 3D meshes will be generated in osgb format as LOD meshes by default. By activating this flag, the meshes will be written as obj as well.

Mesh Simplification

Simplify meshes by collapsing planar neighboring triangles.

Default value: balanced

Significantly reduces the number of triangles created in the 3D Mesh. The simplification level of the resulting meshes can be configured using the three options slight, balanced and strong, or turned off completely.

Simplificationstrongbalancedslightturned off
Triangle count


176909 (0.9%)


473314 (2.5%)


1242878 (6.5%)


18979017 (100%)

*Data provided by AEROWEST GmbH
Triangle count

168688 (2.5%)

433268 (6.4%)

1061851 (15.6%)

6814127 (100%)