Contacting support team

The best way to request technical support is to send an Email to

  • Please include in the Email subject:  a relevant topic, short error description or in which step you have encountered the problem.

  • Starting with SURE 5.2.1, a technical support tool is available through the Command Line Interface, which gathers SURE Project metadata in a .zip folder.

    • In a CLI Terminal call:

      • SURE --project-directory /path/to/project_directory --support
    • The Terminal records all the metadata files added to the archive.

    • Attach to the Email the generated .zip folder.

  • Please attach screenshots of the problem, especially if it relates to the quality of the results.

  • Inform us about the SURE version you use.

  • Let us know about the hardware and the project parameters you have used during the project setup in SURE (scenario, overlap requested output).