FAQ - Troubleshooting


Possible Reasons


Processing time is long

Hardware / Parameters

See Performance Optimization

Large / Many images

Use --quality to reduce the resolution of the input images. Level 1, --quality High, is already 4-8 times faster than the full level, while leading to clouds with quarter size and a precision in depth decreased by factor 2.

Only very few or no points were extracted

Not enough images

Each point should be present in at least 3 overlapping images. More are better.

No texture

Texture on the object is required to enable image matching. Overexposed, underexposed, blurry images or surfaces without texture will lead to low quality, or missing parts in the point cloud. Texture can be projected artificially, but must be stable between the images.

Minimum number of stereo models per point (fold) too high

For low overlapping datasets, the minimum number of stereo models per point  must be small. Check the rejection rate after the triangulation. Similar images should be available – acquired with small angular shift, similar image scale, similar distance to the object

Insufficiently precise orientation

Dense image matching relies on precise orientation data as input. If the orientation does not satisfy the required precision, matching results will degrade.

Resolution on the object is low (point density, depth resolution) or noisy surfaces

Not enough Images

Each point should be present in at least 3 overlapping images. More are better.

Processing Level too low

Use “--quality ULTRA” to run the processing on full resolution.

Image Orientation Quality too low

The quality of the image orientation directly impacts the quality of the surface reconstruction. Improve the bundle adjustment outcome with your orientation software (e.g. rejecting outlier points)

Shifts between the point clouds

Image Orientation quality too low

See above.

Clutter / outlier points are visible

Minimum number of stereo models per point (fold) too low

Redundancy due to highly overlapping imagery can be used to remove outliers. By increasing the minimum number of stereo models for each point, outliers can be detected better, while improving the precision.

Low textured areas

If insufficient texture is available, image matching becomes unstable. Unsharp or untextured areas, such as sky or defocused background can be removed automatically using the “Differential of Gaussian” filter beforehand. 

Large angle between images. (blow-up exceeded)

For each image, a couple of similar images should be available – acquired with small angular shift, similar image scale, similar distance to the object.  

Graphics card (GPU) is not in use


Activate graphics card use in Preferences or in command line with --gpu


Use Nividia CUDA compatible card with Compute Capability 2.0 or higher and latest drivers

Driver issues

Make sure, that latest Nvidia drivers are installed and that the CUDA Driver Timeout settings have been adjusted

Failed to connect to the license server

No Internet connection

SURE needs to re-validate its activation status periodically. For the validation procedure a connection to the Internet is required. If no Internet connection is available, there will be a grace period of up to two weeks during which SURE can still be used. Afterwards, a re-validation of the software is required.

Invalid proxy settings

If your connection to the Internet goes through a proxy server, SURE will try to read and use the proxy settings which are set for the Internet Explorer. In order to set a custom proxy server, please use SURE's command line interface with one of the following options:

  • Example 1 (just a host):   SURE --license-proxy

  • Example 2 (host and port):   SURE --license-proxy

  • Example 3 (all 3):   SURE --license-proxy http://user:pass@

Connection blocked by firewall or anti-virus software

Please open a web browser and navigate to https://wyday.com/. Use the Internet Explorer if possible. If there are problems loading this website, this is the source of the problem. Please try to deactivate the firewall, anti-virus, or anti-malware software which is blocking the connection or add the SURE executables (SURE.exe as well as the SURE Module's executables, and potentially the TurboActivate.exe) to their whitelist (or exclude it from whatever filtering that/those program(s) are doing).

Missing SHA-2 Certificate

Since the release SURE version 2.0, an SHA-2 certificate is required for the communication with the activation servers. Make sure that this certificate is available on your system and/or the proxy the internet connection goes through.

Found disabled network adapters

For the licensing mechanism, SURE creates a hardware fingerprint. Part of this fingerprint are the properties of network adapters. To enable activation the following steps can be undertaken:

  • Activate all network adapters

  • Perform the activation with administrator rights

If this is not successful and you have more network adapters that are activated but not connected to the internet, please deactivate the network adapters from the BIOS.

Activation fails on Linux

Elevated rights required

On Linux the license activation requires superuser permissions. Try sudo SURE -activate <key>

Activation fails because a virtual machine is detected although none is used

Hyper-V activated

  • If Hyper-V is activated, Windows runs in a virtual machine. This option can be disabled in Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features on or off.

  • Run the systeminfo in CMD.

  • After running the systeminfo.exe:
    should show that not all Hyper-V Requirements are met
    should NOT show that a hypervisor has been detected

How to disable Hyper-V (Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features on or off) and disable the following Windows features
* Hyper-V
* Windows Hypervisor Platform
* Windows Defender Application Guard
* and the: Virtual Machine Platform

Image Viewer / Camera Stations / Mesh Editor crashes

Windows RDP session

The Windows remote desktop session (via RDP) does not support rendering of OpenGL content. Since these modules (Image Viewer, Camera Stations, Mesh Editor) use OpenGL content, running SURE via RDP session can cause timeouts and/or crashes of the software.

SURE is detected as Malware

Detected by the Antivirus

Please whitelist it, make it as a trusted software in the Antivirus your PC has.