Distributed Processing - Step-by-Step

SURE can automatically distribute workload across a network in order to speed up processing. The setup only requires a SURE installation on each participating node to run a client, which will automatically connects to a master node in the network.

Within the following tutorial, we will show the minimal setup for automatic splitting of a SURE Project in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Installation

On each processing node

  • Install the SURE software package.
  • Activate the SURE Aerial license (only for first time setup).
  • Start the SURE-Node application. For more information on program options and networking please also refer to this article.

SURE installation folder

Step 2: Setup and start your SURE project

On the master node

  • Start SURE.
  • Define your project as usual. For more information please also refer to this article.
  • After the project setup is complete, in the software's main window to the lower right, enable the "Activate Distributed Processing" checkbox.
  • Start the process by pressing the play button .
  • SURE will automatically split and process the project into subprojects.
  • The results are automatically merged in the corresponding output folders, once a subproject is done.

Starting distributed processing

Step 3: Monitor progress

On the master computer

  • In the software's main window, switch to the Project Status tab. Here you can monitor the overall progress of the project as well as the status of each individual sub-project. Moreover the user can monitor the Cluster Status by clicking the Open in Browser link. In the cluster manager the user can monitor the Nodes involved in the processing, and the status of Jobs/Sub-projects assigned to them. 
  • Once finished, you can find the subprojects results in the project folder.

Project status view

Cluster status view