Project Setup

Create new project using the Project Wizard

The setup is guided by the Project Setup Wizard, which can be opened via the splash screen (Create project) or the file menu (New Project).

For a guided walkthrough also checkout the video tutorials of our sample datasets.

Page 1 - Project Settings

SURE will create a folder in the Project Location directory, named after the Project name. In this folder are stored: all the files SURE will create during processing.  The default path for the Project Location directory can be set via the Preference Panel.

Page 2 - Project Resources

The locations of the orientation and image data are specified on the next page of the wizard. Use "specify file" if the orientation information is contained in a single file (eg. .prj). Please see also the Orientation formats. When using e.g. the native .ori format or projection matrices for each image, the folder containing the .ori or .txt files must be specified. If orientation information already contains valid information about the location of the corresponding images, the input for image location is optional.

If both color and panchromatic data is available, SURE offers the option to use them separately. The panchromatic images are used directly for matching while the color Information is used to apply texture to the output products. In this case the color imagery must be specified as Image data and the panchromatic data as separate matching Images.

16 Bit imagery should be used if available. If only 8 Bit colour images, but 16 Bit panchromatic images are available, please use the "separate matching images" option. If 16 Bit RGB or RGBI images are available this is not necessary, since the results are nearly identical.

LiDAR data can be used as input in SURE if available. The user can give as input a .las point cloud/ a folder that contains the point clouds or a list of LiDAR point clouds as .txt files.

See also: Orientation formats

See also: LiDAR integration in SURE

  • SURE will create a lidar_cloudlist.txt in the project folder which will contain the paths to the LiDAR point clouds

Page 3 - Scenario Settings

Internal parametrization of SURE can be optimized, when additional information about the dataset is available.

Especially for airborne cases it is heavily recommended to use the Aerial Nadir or Aerial Oblique presets with the overlap set to the appropriate values.

See also: Scenario Presets

Page 4 - General Parameters

In this section you can optionally modify some commonly used parameters, such as

You can also leave some or all of these parameters to be determined automatically by SURE later on.

Additionally, you can specify the

See also: Key Parameters

Page 5 - Project Summary

Project creation is summarized and can be confirmed on the last page of the wizard.

Import third party orientation files

A project can be set up directly, by opening an existing supported orientation file such as an Inpho Match-AT .prj or a VisualSFM file with sure.exe. This is done via the “Open with” menu by right clicking the file or by just drag & drop onto the SURE executable. The processing directory can be selected afterwards. If image paths are not consistent within the orientation data, it can be loaded nevertheless. Camera configuration is visualized, actual processing however is not possible before correcting the resource paths via the Project menu.

Load an existing SURE project file (.spr)

An already created SURE project can be reloaded by opening the Project.spr file in the SURE processing folder, created during initial project setup.
This can either be done by selecting the Project.spr file via the welcome screen, the File menu or by drag & drop onto the SURE executable