What's new in SURE 1.3

We are proud to announce the release of SURE version 1.3!

We added a number of new features leading to improved data quality as well as plenty of supportive functions for your every day work with the software.

New workflow customization options are now available in both the graphical and the command line interface.


New Cloud Filter

New 3D point cloud filter producing clouds with higher precision and normal information

Interactive Ortho Viewer

New interactive Ortho Viewer

> Display DSM and True Ortho tiles during processing
> Scalable viewing of large projects using image pyramids
> Open pointcloud resources and set the project area interactively

3D Mesh with vertex colors

Vertex colors in 3D mesh available before texturing process


Modular 2.5D and 3D Workflow


Separate processing steps for workflow & separate command line executables

2.5D Tool

Flexible usage of True Ortho and DSM Mesh module with edited or third party point clouds


  • DSM Mesh without holes at tile borders

  • True Ortho writing delay fixed for very large projects

  • Support of mixed 3 and 4 channel images in True Ortho and DSM Mesh

  • Result resources remain project after closing