What's new in SURE 2.1

We are proud to announce the release of SURE version 2.1!


Mesh simplification

Efficient Mesh Simplification



defaultstrongbalancedslightsimplification turned off
Flat shading


Triangle count3230253 (100%)168688 (5.2%)433268 (13.4%)1061851 (32.9%)6814127 (210.9%)
File size141MB14MB27MB52MB296MB

The new mesh decimation in the 3D Mesh Module now delivers more manageable meshes while preserving detail of the original geometry. In addition the amount of decimation is configurable or it can be turned off completely.

Improved Mesh Texturing

Photo-Consistent Texture Mapping

Before-and-after texture comparison on a DSM mesh



*Data provided by AEROWEST GmbH
Old: texture including artifactsNew: photo-consistent texturesOld: texture including artifactsNew: photo-consistent texturesOld: texture including artifactsNew: photo-consistent textures

The texturing in the DSM Mesh and the 3D Mesh now includes a photo-consistency check. This reduces the amount of texture artifacts arising from wrong texture mappings or inconsistent input images. The check is integrated into the texturing and enabled by default.

Laz support across the complete SURE pipeline

All the pointclouds generated by SURE's 2.5D and 3D Workflows can now be stored in the compressed version of the .las format (.laz).

LAZ support can be activated by passing the -laz switch to the command line interface or in the GUI selecting the laz option from the dropdown menu under Advanced Configuration/General/Pointcloud format.

The following table lists the compression rates achieved while running the complete 3D workflow on some test data-sets.


Dense clouds size (las)2.9 GB1.5 GB10.4 GB
Dense clouds size (laz)743 MB341 MB3 GB
Compression rate74%78%71%

Filtered clouds size (las)402 MB345 MB2.5 GB
Filtered clouds size (laz)158 MB97.3 MB1.2 GB
Compression rate61%72%52%
Mesh Editor Improvements - BETA

Mesh Editor Improvements - BETA

The mesh editor is currently in a public beta state and can be tested until the 31st of March 2017: SURE Editor (Edit Mode)

  • Added spherical eraser tool that can be used for deleting disconnected meshes
  • Improved performance due to handling of mesh editing tasks in a separate thread
  • Uses the same shader as the SUREViewer, including flat shading support
  • Improved general robustness of mesh editing
Spherical Eraser Tool

Mesh with unwanted disconnected meshesHighlighted selection of spherical eraser toolMesh after removal


  • processing quality dropdown (Ultra=pyramid level 0, High=pyramid level 1, Medium=pyramid level 2, Low=pyramid level 3)
  • processing quality is set to High by default for default scenario and to Ultra for aerial scenarios
  • support initial terrain height
  • Improved processing time weights
  • Deactivated Ortho interpolated and HIS  by default