What's new in SURE 2.2

We are proud to announce the release of SURE 2.2 - discover the new features and improvements!

New Features

New Mesh Export Formats
  • OBJ support 
    • Export in parallel to LOD formats
    • Supporting large coordinates (UTM etc.)
  • Cesium support - new LOD format for web streaming
    • Export to Cesium tileset LOD format (https://cesiumjs.org/)
    • Visualize your meshes online through data streaming
    • Support for Cesium and related 3D geospatial formats (1)

Soest dataset (data provided by AEROWEST GmbH), map © OpenStreetMap.

Improved Features

New and Improved 3D Mesh
  • New 3D Mesh Reconstruction Technology
    • Sharper edges
    • Smooth planar surface
    • Significantly reduced triangle amount

Soest dataset (data provided by AEROWEST GmbH),

Mesh Texturing - Sharpening
  • New texture extraction with more sharpness
    • Sharper textures
    • In deactivated by default - please activate in texturing parameters (planned to be activated by default later)
Without Texture SharpeningWith Texture Sharpening

(Vaihingen Enz dataset, 8cm GSD)

Mesh Texturing - Improved Consistency
  • New consistency check between tiles
    • Less artifacts due to occlusion consideration between tiles (yellow)
  • New interpolation writing to atlas texture
    • Interpolation, where no images are available (orange)
Version 2.1Version 2.2

Bergamo dataset (data provided by FBK, created in cooperation with the municipality of Bergamo and AVT)

Mesh Compression
  • New texture compression
    • Compression ratio of 6:1 through S3TC/DXT1 compression for all textured LOD models (OSGB and Cesium)
    • Up to 6 times lower storage - leading to faster loading & faster visualization
  • New texture atlas packing
    • Texture is stored in image patches - now in an optimized manner by allowing rotations and finding optimal placement
    • Based on "Efficient Packing of Arbitrary Shaped Charts for Automatic Texture Atlas Generation" by Tobias Noell & Didier Stricker
    • Up to 30% size improvement through new atlas packing - leading to less storage, faster loading & faster visualization
Before Texture Atlas ImprovementAfter Texture Atlas Improvement

(Vaihingen Enz dataset, 20cm)

DSM Mesh - Optimization
  • New geometry post-processing step
    • Improved edge sharpness
    • Noise reduction
    • Improved topology & geometry compression
    • Improved texturing
    • Smaller file size 
DatasetSURE 2.1SURE 2.2

(data provided by FBK, created in cooperation with the municipality of Bergamo and AVT)


(Data provided by AEROWEST GmbH)

True Ortho - Performance Optimization
  • Performance Optimization
    • New image selection method for the production of True Orthophotos
    • Optimized image selection for True Ortho projection
    • Drastic performance improvement 
      • Up to 3x faster for nadir datasets
      • Up to 6x faster for oblique datasets

Cloud Filter
  • Cloud Filter improvements
    • Sharper edges
    • Cleaner facades
    • More flat surfaces
    • Improved detail resolution
    • Improved sampling
    • Reduced file size
    • Support for Intensity (4th channel of images)
    • Strong performance optimization
SURE 2.1SURE 2.2

Soest dataset (data provided by AEROWEST GmbH),

Mesh Editor BETA
  • New Editor BETA version 
    • Retexturing of edited meshes using original images
    • Regeneration of LOD levels
    • Mesh exporting or overwriting
    • Improved usability

The mesh editor is currently in a closed BETA. Please contact info@nframes.com for access.

A more detailed feature documentation can be found here: SURE Editor (Edit Mode).

Workflow Updates

SURE Pro - Extended Resolution

SURE Pro - extended resolution to 60 MP

  • Up to 60MP resolution per image
  • Up to 10000 pixels focal length
New side panel
  • Icons appear when ressources are ready
    • Enabling direct visualization & selected copy

DSM Mesh and DSM Mesh Texturing
  • DSM Mesh step was split up in DSM Mesh and DSM Mesh Texturing
    • The DSM Mesh Texturing is now optional which enables to get faster to untextured DSM Mesh results


  • (Fixed) Custom area and tiling possible for Cloud Filter Module and Mesh Module
  • (Fixed) Change of area selection in Cloud Filter was reading too many point clouds


  • Automatic archiving feature is no longer part of the software's GUI

(1) Currently SURE produces 3DTiles compatible with Cesium 1.35