What's new in SURE 3.0

SURE 3.0 - a new experience for large scale production - now integrating LiDAR!

data: courtesy of Geomni

The SURE 3.0 experience

  • Seamlessly integrate LiDAR data for better DSMs, Meshes and True Orthophotos
  • Elastically scale your processing engine by adding new nodes during processing 
  • Benefit from global color balancing - also within Distributed Processing!
  • Boost your production with strong performance optimizations - particularly for Oblique
  • Directly disseminate meshes through the web - now with much faster loading
  • Retrieve a better visual overview from the new camera viewer in the Mesh editor

New Features

Seamless LiDAR Integration

Benefit from the complementary data capturing techniques for higher quality True Orthophotos and 3D Meshes

  • Combine sharp edge resolution of dense image matching with the vertical precision of LiDAR 
    • Benefits for DSM, True Orthophoto and 3D Meshes
  • Improve dataset completeness in low coverage areas
    • Occlusions from missing overlap / stereo information
    • Occlusions from narrow streets and yards
    • Fill data gaps from poor radiometry - e.g. in shadow areas
  • Use LiDAR data in the 2.5D and 3D workflow out of the box
    • also with Distributed Processing
  • Easy to set up – just provide LiDAR clouds – no trajectory file needed
DSM – Dense Image Matching

DSM – Dense Image Matching + LiDAR

Avoid data gaps  Complement DSM data with LIDAR data in narrow alleys 

3D Mesh  Dense Image Matching3D Mesh  Dense Image Matching + LiDAR

Reduce noise  benefit from the vertical precision of LiDAR and keep details from dense image matching data

Global color balancing

Create seamless True Orthophotos and Mesh Texture with global color balancing 

Without global color balancing

With global color balancing

  • Automatically compensate for color and brightness variation in your input imagery
    • compensate effects from different sun inclination angles, exposure times or white balance
    • fully atuomatically balanced True Orthophotos & Mesh texture
    • compensating for brightness shifts and gradients in up to 4 channels
    • only equalizing in order to maintain original coloring average (e.g. for classification)
  • Completely automatic process - even when using Distributed Processing

Improved Features

Cleaner and lighter filtered clouds

Retrieve 3D point information resolving fine geometric detail with low noise and sharp edges 


  • Benefit from the reduced noise level and fewer outliers in filtered clouds
  • Significant processing throughput improvement for high overlap datasets
Lightweight 3D Mesh

Produce lighter 3D mesh models in a shorter time 

  • Keep exact edges and retrieve lightweight geometry with new simplification approach
  • Save file storage and processing time with the reduced file count and accelerated processing speed

Web-streaming and rendering improvements

Deliver your models on the web with the updated streaming-ready Cesium tileset format 

  • Optimized level-of-detail and streaming performance for web-visualization
    • Faster loading
    • Less streaming data volume
    • Faster rendering
    • Less files
  • Visualize large datasets effortlessly with a dynamically adapting file structure
  • Use SURE Cesium tilesets on your mobile device with new texture compression
  • Over 50% size reduction for Cesium tilesets texture compression

Distributed Processing out of Beta

Scale to any size of dataset and timeline with SURE Distributed Processing 

  • Elastically add and remove nodes from the processing
  • Improved stability to ensure seamless processing of very large datasets
  • Accelerate QA process as each sub-project provides completed results
  • Optimized workload distribution to ensure a shorter time to results
  • Reduced storage requirements of processing nodes with improved data handling
  • Flexibly scale processing capacity by adding/renting additional licenses – even while processing has already started
New camera stations visualization

Get instant information about your flying configuration in the new SURE Viewer and Editor 

  • Visualize meshes and camera stations in the same viewer 
  • Clean visualization - also for thousands of camera stations
  • Inspect flight pattern and review camera stations interactively
  • Inspect stereo models 
  • Get more information – SURE Viewer and Editor
General performance improvements
  • Dense Cloud generation: 25 to 50% less processing time for Oblique flights 
  • Cloud Filtering: ~3x performance improvement when processing high-redundancy datasets
  • General performance improvements in meshing and texturing