What's new in SURE 4.2

With the release of SURE 4.2 we introduce a new era of efficiency—higher throughput on existing machines, and much lower storage requirements for new hardware. These improvements especially benefit distributed processing in local or cloud environments.

Adding to this, a new mesh level-of-detail generation approach improves the streaming and quality of very large and high-resolution datasets.


Save time and let our technology assist you. SURE 4.2’s more intelligent algorithms adapt better to standard workflows and hardware to increase productivity while decreasing the storage requirements. A smarter level-of-detail generation algorithm delivers even better streaming-ready meshes for large and high-resolution datasets.

  • Faster transition between AT workflow and SURE
    SURE 4.2 detects compatible input imagery and uses it for processing - saving image preparation time and storage.

  • Increased distributed processing efficiency
    SURE is able to engage the processing nodes much sooner, which results in higher processing throughput. Moreover, processing nodes further reduce the time to delivery by contributing to the generation of levels-of-detail when creating Mesh products like SLPK (I3S) and Cesium.

  • Improved SLPK and cesium meshes for country-wide production
    Faster web-streaming and seamless export to ArcGIS and Cesium empower the generation of large, high-resolution mesh products.


Scale-up your processing cluster’s throughput without elevated hardware costs by adding consumer-grade hardware without requiring specialized setups.

  • Improved storage hardware utilization
    This version reduces the storage requirements by half and greatly improves the overall performance when working with NAS, SAN, and traditional HDDs. SSD and RAID setups now lead to even higher productivity.

  • Processing nodes can now operate with 2TB SSD storage

  • Reduced project storage requirements by directly using compatible input imagery


Reduce your time to delivery for DSM, True Ortho, and Mesh products, rely on existing infrastructure for processing larger datasets, and save hardware costs by using SURE 4.2.

  • Accelerated start for large projects (project setup, image preparation, analysis) up to 40% faster

  • Increased performance in DSM (2x) - exploiting modern processors even more

  • Custom workflows involving the re-processing of DSMs benefit from the speed-up during DSM generation

  • Higher performance for projects stored in high-latency storage (NAS, SAN, HDD) - optimally using compressed point cloud data (.laz)

  • At least 5x speed-up in the export of SLPK, Cesium, OBJ, and DAE formats

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