What's new in SURE 4.3

SURE 4.3 is the next-tier production engine of SURE.
Level up your production with a quality leap for the 3D Mesh as well as a new efficiency of your True Ortho (DSM Ortho) production. Benefit from increased accuracy, sharper textures, and improved consistency — at full resolution. Furthermore, SURE 4.3 utilizes your existing hardware even better.

In the following, we will guide you through our latest release and introduce each feature in detail.

Stronger engines at a glance

  • Enhanced Mesh Engine: Sharper edges | Crisper textures | Improved streaming

  • Optimized True Ortho Engine: Faster processing | Increased radiometric consistency | Full resolution results

  • Higher Productivity: Advanced hardware efficiency for large 2.5D and 3D projects

Mesh Engine

  • More accurate 3D Mesh geometry

    • Sharper edges and more detail while reducing triangle count.

    • Cleaner extraction of flat structures and surfaces.

    • Better building representation even in challenging datasets, e.g. larger GSDs.

  • Crisper textures in DSM Mesh & 3D Mesh results

    • Selection of sharpest texture from input imagery.

    • More information in shadows - less image noise and more brightness.

  • Improved streaming for OGC i3s and 3D Tiles

    • Better streaming experience due to smaller texture atlases leading to reduced GPU load.

    • More brightness and less texture compression artifacts for 3D Tiles.

  • Increased performance

    • Up to 30% shorter overall runtime on a 24 core CPU + 64GB RAM due to better utilization of high-end multi-core CPUs.

    • 25% speed-up for obj & dae mesh exports - now with custom tiling scheme.

True Ortho (DSM Ortho) Engine

  • Increased performance

    • Up to 20% shorter overall runtime due to faster True Ortho Engine.

  • Better Quality

    • Consistency across tile borders through optimized image selection for texturing.

    • Full-resolution True Ortho results for unstructured flights processed in scenario Default for both quality settings High & Ultra.

  • Simpler Workflows

    • Color value 0 exclusively represents nodata enabling subsequent workflows.

    • Highest value is clamped to ensure compliance to common file format standards.

Production Efficiency

  • Improved hardware utilization

    • Reworked I/O & parallelization patterns allowing to scale production time with your hardware even better.

    • Maximize utilization of your SURE processing cluster - From 25% up to 75% faster image preparation and accelerated analysis lead to reduced start-up time for your projects. Please also refer to our best practices for image preparation.

    • Improved performance when using complex area shapefiles.

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