What's new in SURE 5.3


SURE 5.3 brings more crisp colors in the Mesh, massive rasters ready to be efficiently displayed, more accurate reconstruction of complex objects at high resolution plus numerous other improvements. The quality of the results produced with the new version is more convincing than ever!

3D Mesh

Apply color adjustments to Meshes with Ease! Make your Mesh look more vibrant and colorful by using a Lookup Table during Mesh conversion. Get rid of common effects like blue haze or dull-looking colors. This new feature helps to give your Mesh the final touch to visually stand out, going beyond what the input imagery offers. Find out more in this tutorial.

Faster Mesh Conversion

With SURE 5.3, Mesh Conversion has been significantly accelerated for the export of SLPK and OBJ Meshes. Especially for large projects, the SLPK generation is faster than ever.


Raster Overviews

Raster results of any size are now generated in a form allowing them to be efficiently loaded and displayed in GIS applications at any zoom level. The raster overviews facilitating this are automatically generated at production time, such that post-processing in this sense is no longer necessary.

Improvements for Drone users


The reconstruction of thin structures has been significantly improved for drone data sets processed on the highest quality setting. This enables inspection workflows on complex objects captured with high redundancy.

Technical Support Tool

Customer Success remains one of our most important values. The newly introduced technical support tool accelerates the exchange of information about projects in times of need, so that a satisfying solution is reached fast. Generate the support data package with a simple command and send it to the support team! The information collected is transparently recorded and you remain in control about what to share.
Thank you for your trust and cooperation!

Further Improvements

  • The 3D Tiles output is now compliant with the 3D Tiles validator. Meshes are produced with 3D Tiles version 1.0 which is fully compatible with the 3D Tiles 1.1 specification.

  • Analysis runtime significantly improved for projects with Lidar data run in Distributed Processing.

  • New resume process functionality prevents accidental / unintentional reset of projects.

  • The order of results becoming available during Distributed Processing is more intuitive, benefiting early quality inspection and processing cluster productivity.

  • OSGB Meshes are rendered up to their full resolution in SURE Editor, independently of the file path depth in which the data are stored.

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