SURE Editor

Photogrammetry-based solutions are susceptible to artifacts or data gaps in cases where stereo occlusions, poor radiometry, or lack of texture are present. Common areas that are susceptible to these imperfections are dark shadow areas and glass structures such as the one shown below. The properties of these areas often lead to incorrect or missing depth information and texture misprojections.

The SURE Editor is a tool that provides an interactive environment for digitizing 3D polygons relying on the DSM Mesh to better represent the scene in problematic areas. The 3D shapefile generated is used by the 2.5D Tool to improve the quality of the final 2.5D products.

The shapefile-based editing workflow opens the possibility of correcting artifacts in the DSM. These corrections then propagate to the True Ortho and DSM Mesh products as well. This editing workflow improves the final 2.5D products by:

  • Interpolating points where there are data gaps

  • Straightening and sharpening building edges

  • Flattening over-exposed or reflective surfaces that suffer from high-frequency noise