Processing Tools

Once you have digitized the desired polygons and/or uploaded preexisting 3D shapefiles, you are ready to re-process the affected tiles. By updating only the affected tiles you are able to save time and computing resources. The processing tools are accessible from the Processing Toolbar or their corresponding shortcuts.

Save Shapefiles

The digitized polygons can be saved into a shapefile.

  • To save created polygons → Ctrl+S or click on ‘Save Polygons’

The saved shapefile can be found in Project_Folder → Internal → Editor.


  • To reprocess affected tiles → Ctrl+B or click on ‘Reprocess’. This automatically saves the current polygons to a shapefile AND opens the 2.5D Tool

The next step will be to simply check off the processing steps that you need (DSM, True Ortho, DSM Mesh, DSM Mesh Texturing) and start the reprocessing by clicking on the ‘Play’ icon (bottom-right corner). As usual, the 2.5D Tool Terminal will show details of the processing. Once the reprocessing is finished, the 2.5 Tool window can be closed.