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2.5D Mesh | City Model

Meshes are an intuitive way of representing arbitrarily shaped surfaces. Complementary to the geometric features of the surfaces they represent, the mesh models include texture applied on their faces from the input images.

A DSM Mesh contains the DSM data converted into a triangle mesh. The triangle density is locally adapted to the geometry, meaning areas of increased ondulation are represented by smaller triangles, whereas flat areas are represented by larger triangles. This product is, by definition, a 2.5D Mesh, as it has the DSM elevation data as source for the geometry of the surface.

In the cases of Nadir only projects, the DSM Mesh can be the optimal solution for representing city models. For such circumstances, it is typically challenging to retrieve reliable data on the building facades or, in general, on vertical surfaces. By its nature, the DSM Mesh closes all potential data gaps in these areas. More than this, the texture from the input images is accurately applied on the entire Mesh surface, giving it a realistic aspect.

SURE exports the DSM Mesh in the formats osgb, cesium, i3s (slpk), obj / local_obj, lod_dae (collada) and lod_obj. The LOD (Level-Of-Detail) structure for the corresponding formats determines the performant loading and web-streaming of large models. This optimizes the experience of working with scalable Mesh models for various applications: city modelling, infrastructure planning and optimization (5G network design), insurance domain, etc.

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