Point Cloud Visualization

You can find the result in the folder 3D_Points. We recommend using the free software CloudCompare to visualize the .las files (one point cloud for each image).

You can download CloudCompare here: http://www.danielgm.net/cc/


CloudCompare enables also the conversion to other 3D data formats, which enables the usage of other programs such as Meshlab.

For the visualization of very large datasets (e.g. from aerial imagery) fast Level-of-Detail visualization engines are required. Bentley Pointools is one commercial solution providing this.

Using CloudCompare to visualize the result:

  • Open the 3D_Points folder within the SURE Directory

  • Open CloudCompare
  • Select all .las files and drag-and-drop them into the CloudCompare main window

  • For very large coordinates with many digits (e.g. UTM) the message "Recenter cloud?" appears, since the digit count is limited.
    Make sure to hit Yes to All to reduce all clouds by the same value. For this purpose, all clouds must be imported at once as well.