Pause and Resume Processing

SURE can be paused and resumed in between processing. Also, processing can be resumed after a shutdown.

SURE saves the processing state while processing, so that it can be continued at certain check points (see right column) when being paused or in case a computer crash (e.g. power failure) occurs. From these check points, SURE can be continued either with a graphical user interface or the command line. Besides this, also a "Soft Pause" option is available in the command line.


Checkpoints are found in between the processing steps of SURE (Analysis, Dense Matching, DSM, Point Cloud, etc.). Once a step is finished, a checkpoint is created. During the long phase of the Dense Matching step, intermediate checkpoints are also available (after finishing each image). This enables the user to pause processing after every step, and additionally during the Dense Matching step, without having to restart the whole process again. Checkpoints are created before and after:

  • Analysis

  • Dense Matching (after each image)

  • 2.5D Workflow

    • DSM

    • True Ortho

    • DSM Mesh

  • 3D Workflow

    • Point Cloud

    • Mesh

Important Note

Please note that there are no checkpoints within the steps of Analysis, DSM, TrueOrtho or Mesh. They are located only before and after these processing steps. Therefore, if SURE is paused during one of these steps, the processing for that particular step will reset to the beginning of the step once the process is resumed. 

Graphical User Interface

  1. Pause processing by clicking the Play/Resume button on the lower right

  2. SURE will pause once it reaches its last checkpoint, this might take a few moments (wait until it has reached the checkpoint before closing SURE)

  3. Resume processing by clicking on the Play/Resume button once again
    (closing and reopening SURE before this step is possible)

Command Line

Cancel and Resume (matches the pause in the graphical user interface)

  1. Click into the running process window

  2. Hit Ctrl-C or close the command window

  3. Resume processing without passing the parameters again by 

    1. calling sure.exe -p, --project-directory <path-to-project-directory>

Soft Pause and Resume (immediate effect)

  1. Click into the running process window

  2. Hit the "Pause" button on your keyboard

  3. Hit the "Enter" button on your keyboard to continue