Re-tiling Raster Products

This guide will show how to transform raster products (.tif files) from a given tile size (in GSDs) to another.

This is a common scenario as the processing tile size (constrained by the available hardware) is usually different from the tile size that needs to be delivered.

Re-tiling the results allows for an efficient and robust production setup (see Best Practices and Hardware requirements) while delivering the data in the form required by the end-customers.

  1. Create a list with absolute paths to the .tif files that need to be re-tiled (e.g. tiles.txt).

  2. Download and install GDAL.

  3. Execute using the required parametrization: -ps new_tile_size new_tile_size -targetDir retiled_files_folder --optfile tiles.txt

For example, for creating tiles of 10000 pixels, do: -ps 10000 10000 -targetDir retiled_files_folder --optfile tiles.txt

If required, instruct gdal_retile to create pyramids for the resulting raster files: -ps 10000 10000 -targetDir retiled_files_folder --optfile tiles.txt -levels 5