What's new in SURE 4.1

SURE 4.1 incorporates a new Mesh production engine. Drastically enhanced performance and simplified usability will take your production of high-quality 3D city or even countrywide Mesh models to an entirely new level.
With SURE 4.1 comes our re-designed SURE Editor – the powerful tool for efficiently fixing artifacts in DSMs and True Orthophotos caused by input data limitations.

City of Munich Mesh: 47,000 images, 4 Terapixels, 450 square kilometers
Data courtesy of GeoFly | Processed with SURE by Catalysts/Cloudflight

Productivity Update for Mesh Generation

Industry-leading processing and high quality for professional production

  • Faster production - 1.5x - 2.0x faster than SURE 4.0.2 using standard hardware

  • Improved streaming behavior - Around 50% reduction in file sizes and disk storage consumption by using Draco compression

  • Enhanced quality - Cleaner surfaces, optimized geometry, sharper edges, fewer speckles

  • SURE first software to integrate the export of SLPK Version 1.7

In the following, we will guide you through our latest release and introduce each feature in detail.

We also recommend our “Best Practices” page for further insights on how to accelerate your production.
Please note that all figures given in the following correspond to the usage of our hardware recommendations.

3D Mesh | City of Munich | Data courtesy of GeoFly | Processed with SURE by Catalysts/Cloudflight

Faster production, improved quality

3D Mesh

With SURE 4.0 we introduced a new mesh engine that is capable of creating high-resolution models from your input imagery. SURE 4.1 builds on this foundation to deliver a solid round of advancements from both performance and quality aspects

  • Mesh Engine now makes use of your NVIDIA GPU for faster processing

  • Better utilization of available CPU cores and RAM

  • Faster processing: 1.5x - 2.0x faster compared to SURE 4.0.2

  • Less noise in radiometrically challenging areas

3D Mesh City of Munich | Data courtesy of 3D Reality Maps

DSM Mesh

SURE 4.1 delivers lighter DSM Meshes and enhances their streaming performance. The reduction of noise and the removal of redundant information lead to a lighter but also cleaner geometry.
Improvements have also been made in the overall DSM Mesh generation: the module now runs up to 10 times faster.

  • DSM Mesh module 5-10x faster

  • osgb results up to 5x smaller

DSM Mesh of Warsaw, Poland | Data courtesy of Warsaw University of Technology

Improved Output Formats - Efficient streaming of Cesium and SLPK Meshes

  • SURE first software to natively export Esri Indexed 3d Scene Layer (I3S) / Scene Layer Package (SLPK) version 1.7

  • Smart data-dependent bounding volumes

3D Cesium Mesh of the City of Stuttgart | Bounding Boxes |
Data courtesy of Aerowest and City of Stuttgart (City Surveying Office)

Generate results conforming to the latest SLPK 1.7 specification! The implemented I3S version 1.7 of Esri improves loading performance. SLPK archives will render in ArcGIS Online and ARGIS Pro.

Improved visualization of Cesium tilesets and SLPK layers by using data-dependent bounding boxes and by reducing the server-client traffic. The new SURE version creates files with optimal sizes for web-streaming.

Thanks to the supported Draco geometry compression, file sizes of SLPK and Cesium Meshes are reduced notably: 50% less data transfer needed.

All supported Mesh formats can be exported automatically during processing or at any time afterward using the SURE Mesh Converter.

SLPK Mesh of Frankfurt/Main, Germany | Data courtesy of Aerowest

SURE Editor

Make use of the common exchange format “shapefiles” and benefit from a new editing workflow that opens up the possibility of correcting artifacts in DSMs, TrueOrthophotos and DSM Meshes by:

  • filling arbitrarily large data gaps.

  • straightening and sharpening building edges.

  • flattening areas that suffer from noise e.g. on reflective surfaces or repetitive patterns.

Edit your projects intuitively in a familiar 3D environment: Apply project data such as images or your True Ortho input for clear and guided editing.

All shapefiles are exportable to enable easy re-use. Simply pass shapefiles from previous editing sessions or third-party tools to SURE while creating a new project - or load them into new editing sessions.

The standalone Editor allows you to do editing on weaker machines so that your production computers can continue processing the next project. You can use multiple editor licenses per project and split up the manual work.

The SURE Editor is available as a stand-alone license. It includes the ability to re-generate DSMs, True Orthos, and DSM Meshes of the tiles where editing shapefiles apply.

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