Region of Interest

Defining a region of interest helps speed up the production process and makes sure that results are generated only within areas that are fully covered by the provided imagery. SURE also uses this information for processing only those images contributing to the final result.

 Setting the project area...

There are three ways of specifying the SURE project area: area shapefile, 2D area, 3D area.



SURE.exe --area-shapefile path_to_area.shp

SURE.exe --area-3d <xmin> <xmax> <ymin> <ymax> <zmin> <zmax>

SURE.exe --area-2d <xmin> <xmax> <ymin> <ymax>

Note: If an Area Shape file is not specified, SURE will by default generate an Automatic Area shapefile. This shapefile delimits the area where high quality results can be expected based on the input data. Users can disable this feature from the advanced configuration panel.

Activating the area-based image selection

Reducing the number of images selected for the project shortens the processing time. 

SURE automatically selects the images that are relevant for the specified region of interest whenever the customer provides any of the following parameters:

  • Area shapefile and project terrain height.

  • 2D area and terrain height.

  • 3D region of interest.

 Setting the terrain height...



SURE.exe --area-based-image-selection --terrain-height-for-image-selection <value>