Inpho (.prj)

Match-AT [] .prj files (by  Trimble® Inpho® [] )


  • In case the image paths specified within the .prj file are pointing to valid images, it is not necessary to specify the path to the corresponding images as well. SURE will automatically consider those images referenced in the Inpho file.

  • Otherwise, the path to the input images must be explicitly specified.

  • SURE will take care of finding corresponding image & orientation pairs automatically.

  • When the file paths of the images referenced in the Inpho file are valid and there is also a path to input images explicitly specified, the latter will take priority.


Pass the *.prj file as an argument to the --orientations flag for SURE.exe. Example:

SURE.exe --orientations <path/to/inpho_file.prj --images ... --scenario ...