Leica HxMap (.gori)

SURE natively supports the import of the .gori file format for orientation information.

This format can be exported from the HxMap software suite (eg. for Leica CityMapper and DMC) and contains both extrinsic and intrinsic information for each individual image.


  1. Export .gori format from the HxMap Orientation project. This will result in one .gori file per oriented image.

  2. When selecting the orientation to be used - point SURE to the folder containing the .gori files to be used

  3. Select the imagery to be used

  4. SURE will automatically associate the .gori files, with the available image files

  5. Start of SURE processing

Leica .gori support:

Currently we support the .gori orientations for which the PPA and PPS offsets are zero.