Projection Matrixes

These are common ASCII text files containing the corresponding image's 3-by-4 projection matrix.


  • In order to use 3x4 projection matrices as input for SURE, a folder containing one .txt file for each image is required.

  • Make sure, that the folder containing the .txt files contains only this kind of .txt files with the exactly same count as your imagery.

  • The correspondence will be established in alphabetical sequence.

  • Preferably, the .txt files have the same name as the image file, so the ascending sorting ensures the same sequence.

Structure of a Projection Matrix:

  • Each ASCII .txt file contains one (arbitrary) word at the beginning, followed by the 12 elements of the matrix.

  • The elements should be separated, e.g. by white spaces, tab stops, or line breaks.

An example of a .txt file containing a projection matrix