Preferences Panel

The Preferences Panel can be accessed via the file menu. It contains a set of global settings as well as license details.


Here you can configure your favourite point cloud viewer, the default folder where projects will be stored, or whether or not the GPU will be employed for processing.

  • Choose external Point Cloud viewer

  • Set Default workspace → directory where the software will save the Projects. The same directory will be used as a parent for the space where SURE-Node will process and create data when the computer runs a SURE Node instance in a Distributed Processing Project.

  • GPU → enable the use of Nvidia graphics card for Dense Matching

  • RAID → set the number of threads. The default value (1) should only be increased if proper hardware (RAID) is available. Increased values (2,3) can accelerate the processing particularly during the production of DSM. However, they should be thoroughly tested, before adoption in full production.

  • Update service → enable/disable automatic checks for updates of the SURE software

License Activation

In addition to the activation via the command line, the software can also be activated via the graphical user interface.

Activation can be performed by entering the SURE product key in the Activation Panel.

Information about the current licensing status such as remaining trial days are displayed.