Processing Panel


This panel offers information about the selected and current processing stages of the pipeline. Already processed modules are highlighted. The progress bar to the bottom provides information about elapsed and estimated remaining processing time.


  • Activating the checkboxes next to the processing step will include the corresponding step in the SURE pipeline.

  • The SURE pipeline starts processing by clicking the large play button at the bottom right corner of the panel.

  • Single steps are processed by clicking the small play button next to the individual steps.

  • By clicking the reset button, the status of the processing step will be reset and the step will be reprocessed when the pipeline is restarted.

  • The Scenario can be changed by opening the Scenario Configuration Panel.

  • The Quality can be set to four different settings:

    • Ultra 

    • High

    • Medium

    • Low (gives a rough estimate of the results with fast processing times)

  •  Configuration Parameters can be set in the Advanced Configuration Panel.