Use 3D Shapefiles to edit DSM, True Ortho and DSM Meshes in the SURE Editor

SURE can improve the quality of the DSM, the True Ortho, and the DSM Mesh in areas that suffer from defects through the use of 3D polygon shapefiles that describe the reconstructed surface. These polygons are used during the DSM step, where points are interpolated inside the polygons based on the coordinates of the polygon’s vertices.

Shapefiles used for this workflow must contain 3D Polygons in a single layer and must be in the same coordinate system as your project.

On this page, we walk you through a simple example of how to edit a DSM / True Ortho / and DSM Mesh using a 3D shapefile in the SURE Editor. Detailed information regarding the SURE Editor can be found on our SURE Editor page.

Editing Workflow

As illustrated in the diagram above, the editing workflow can be divided into 3 general steps:

1. Process the dataset of interest in SURE


Create a SURE project, select the desired products, and start processing. Refer to our Quick Start page for information on how to set up a project.

2. Perform Quality Assurance (QA) and Digitize necessary 3D polygons with the SURE Editor


Once the untextured DSM Mesh has been processed, you can view it in the SURE Editor, where you can overlay the True Ortho or original images to assist in QA and efficiently detect areas that need some editing. Only one untextured DSM Mesh should be uploaded in order to enter Edit Mode.

The True Ortho and DSM Mesh below show an example of the artifacts in glass surfaces:

The editing tools in the SURE Editor enable you to Digitize 3D Polygons that better represent the true surface in order to repair artifacts in the DSM, True Ortho, or DSM Mesh.

  1. Drag-and-Drop or load DSM Mesh into the SURE Editor → Open Project in SURE Editor

  2. Enter Edit Mode (check off Edit Mode Box on GUI):

  3. Press D to activate the Digitization Tool

  4. Left Click to create a vertex

  5. Right Click to Close/Finalize a polygon shape

  6. Ctrl+B to save the polygon layer and enter the 2.5D tool interface

Preexisting shapefiles can also be uploaded in the SURE Editor by dragging and dropping the file into the SURE Editor Window.

For more in-depth details please visit the Editing Tools, and Overlay and Texture Tools pages.

3. Process affected tiles of the DSM / True Ortho / DSM Mesh using the 2.5D Tool


After finishing the digitization process in the SURE Editor,

  1. Press Ctrl+B or click Reprocess to launch the 2.5D Tool

  2. Check the boxes of the products that are required and click the start button to reprocess them.

When you have valid correction polygons, the corresponding settings will automatically be filled in. The 2.5D Tool will only reprocess the tiles that are affected by the edits.

Once the re-processing is finished, the edits in the DSM Mesh will appear in the SURE Editor. The edited tiles can be found in: Project Folder → SURE_2_5_D_date_time → Results.

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