Resource Browser

The Resource Browser shows the available input image files as well as already processed results.

Images Browser


The Image Panel contains a list of images contained in the current project.


  • Right-click the images to get additional information about image dimension and image bit depth.

  • Double-clicking the image will open it in the Image Viewer.

Results Browser


The Result Panel displays the produced results and offers the opportunity for the user to inspect them.

Additionally, there is the possibility of exporting a selection of already produced results, based on the Selective Export of Results feature.

For details on the resulting resources please refer to Output formats.


  • A right-click on selected resources shows the possible actions for the resources.

  • Image resources will be opened in the Image Viewer.

  • Point Cloud results (eg. 3D Point Cloud) can be opened by an external viewer. (The external viewer can be specified via the Preferences Panel.)

  • Meshes (osgb) will be opened in the SURE Editor.