Visualization panel



In the Terminal information about the currently running process is printed. Also colorized warnings and errors will be visible. For each processing run, the terminal is cleared automatically.


The individual message types can be suppressed by selecting the corresponding checkboxes.

Camera stations

This tab was removed with SURE 3.0. The camera stations are now visible in the SURE Viewer and Editor.


An interactive visualization of the camera stations in 3D space is displayed.


Zooming in/out, center view.

Move mode - this mode activate movement in 3D space:

  • Panning - Right mouse button
  • Rotating - Left mouse button
  • Zooming - Mouse wheel
  • Double-clicking on a camera opens the image

Selection mode - this mode lets you interactively select and enable camera stations:

  • Box selection - Left mouse button
  • Add to current selection - Shift key and left mouse button
  • Subtract from current selection - Ctrl key and left mouse button
  • Discard selection - right mouse button

The selection is kept active, when the modes are changed.

The selected camera stations can be deactivated and thus only serve as slave images during matching.

Open stereo model selection panel.

After finishing the Analysis stage of a project, the stereo model selection as well as the results of the automatic flight strip analysis can be reviewed here.

Stereo model selection mode - hover over camera stations to review the stereo model corresponding to this base image.

Strip selection mode - use the spinbox to review the detected flight strips of Aerial Projects.

Group selection mode - use the spinbox the review the detected image groups of Aerial Oblique Projects.

Project Status


The Project Status panel monitors monitors the current project's status. When using distributed processing you can also monitor the overall progress of your project here.


None - only for monitoring purposes.

Image viewer


The DSM and True Ortho tiles, that are produced during processing are displayed as soon as their processing has finished.

By dynamically adapting the loaded resolution even large projects can be viewed fluently.


By dragging a bounding box with the right mouse button a subset of the tiles can be selected.

This selected area can then be used to:

  • open available pointcloud resources
  • adapt the area of the SURE project

Zooming in/out, center view.

SURE Editor + Viewer

SURE offers a viewer to visualize meshes and even do editing.

For more details on the use and benefits please see the dedicated SURE Viewer and Editor pages.