Scaling Production with Distributed Processing

SURE can automatically distribute workload across a network in order to speed up processing. The setup only requires a SURE installation on each participating node to run a client, which will automatically connects to a master node in the network.

Within the following tutorial, we will show the minimal setup for automatic splitting of a SURE Project in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Installation

On each processing node

  • Install the SURE software package.
  • Activate the SURE Aerial license (only for first time setup).
  • Start the SURE-Node application. For more information on program options and networking please also refer to this article.

SURE installation folder

Step 2: Setup and start your SURE project

On the master node

  • Start SURE.
  • Define your project as usual. For more information please also refer to this article.
  • After the project setup is complete, in the software's main window to the lower right, enable the "Activate Distributed Processing" checkbox.
  • Start the process by pressing the play button .
  • SURE will automatically split and process the project into subprojects.
  • The results are automatically merged in the corresponding output folders, once a subproject is done.

Starting distributed processing

Step 3: Monitor progress

On the master computer

  • In the software's main window, switch to the Project Status tab. Here you can monitor the overall progress of the project as well as the status of each individual sub-project. Moreover, the user can monitor the Cluster Status. In the cluster manager the user can monitor the Nodes involved in the processing, and the status of Jobs/Sub-projects assigned to them. 
  • Once finished, you can find the subprojects results in the project folder.

Project status view

Cluster status view