SURE Installation and Activation

Installation of SURE

  1. Ensure you have suitable hardware - refer to hardware requirements
  2. Download SURE through our website - or get in touch with
  3.  Start installation by double-clicking the downloaded file: 

Trial license

The downloaded trial without a key is limited to 14 days and a project with a total amount of 8GPix of input data. For unlimited input size, a license key must be activated (a 30-day trial of the full version of SURE can also be made available by the nFrames team at

Activation of a license key

  1. A license key can be activated in two ways: 

    • Through the downloaded SURE trial interface – Typing the key in the Activation Box, which is found in File → Preferences → SURE Activation → Activate

    • Or with the help of CMD/CLI:  SURE.exe --activate <key>

Distributed Processing

The user needs to follow these steps on all the machines that will be used as Nodes for Distributed Processing as well. 

Software prerequisites

  • Please review our recommendations on Hardware  
  • For running a project in SURE, the user should have a PC that has an internet connection in order to use the license. Else the license will run in Grace Time.
  • Moreover running it on virtual machines it is not allowed. Thus, please make sure that Hyper-V is deactivated and reboot your machine. (Then verify again if Hyper V is deactivated). You can do this by simply checking: Control Panel →  Programs →  Turn Windows Features on and off.